Our Licenses

Sky Tech Worldwide, Inc. understands the ever changing technologies in the marketplace and consistently adopts new and current licenses and certifications. 

Bluetooth Qualification Body, BQB: Bluetooth technology is one of the most essential elements in mobile devices today. The Bluetooth Qualification Program assures product quality and confirms standards by conformance testing to keep products consistent and compatible to like products. 

Federal Communications Commission, FCC: Sky Tech Worldwide, Inc. is certified through the FCC to ensure compliance and accordance with the rules and regulations of electronic devices.  

International Association for Wireless Telecommunications, CTIA: Certification with the CTIA ensures additional testing requirements for all products pertaining to wireless communications.

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., UL: Sky Tech Worldwide, Inc. is proud to be a part of the certification for Underwriters Laboratories Inc., which is an independent product safety certification organization to ensure standards and test procedures for products, materials, components, assemblies, tools and equipment, specifically in regards to product safety.  It also evaluates and certifies the efficiency of a company’s business processes through its management system registration programs.  The UL have developed more than 800 Standards for Safety, which is essential to helping ensure public safety and confidence, reduced costs, and improved quality.


Green Power – Level V: Is a subset of renewable energy and represents those renewable energy resources and technologies that provide the highest environmental benefit.  Sky Tech Worldwide, Inc.’s manufacturing factory has the technology to create products that consume as low as zero (0) watt.



CE Mark: A European Union mark that sets binding requirements, labeled ‘essential requirements’ in the health and safety field.  This legislation ensures that products are safe in respect to health, environment, and consumer protection.



RoHS: The Restriction of Hazardous Substances, specific to the European Union, mandates environmental standards by restricting the use of certain hazardous substances, such as lead, in electrical and electronic equipment.  Sky Tech Worldwide, Inc. complies with all mandates necessary to maintain a hazardous-free product.


TÜV/GS Mark: Germany requires additional manufacturer safety testing and technical demands that must be fulfilled and checked by an independent authority and regularly monitored to adhere to product safety laws, thereby requiring continual factory and product testing for occupational health and safety services.


E-mark Certification: A requirement in the European Community for motor vehicles and their components such as electrical and electronic products to ensure safety of driving and requirements of environment protection. 

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Digital Living Network Alliance, DLNA:
 We are proud to be a part of this exclusive network including more than 245 consumer electronics, computer, mobile device manufacturers, and software developers seeking to create new products that will revolutionize the way one finds, sends, stores, gets, plays, and prints digital content.  The DLNA Certified devices connect, discover, and communicate with each other over a home network, like wireless or broadband.